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Periodontal Treatment in Beaverton

Dr. Eubanks, Dr. Nguyen and the staff at Eubanks Family Dental provide Periodontal Dentist Services in Beaverton, Oregon‚Äč

Periodontal Treatment by Eubanks Family Dental

Periodontics is a dental specialty that involves the care and treatment of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, especially the gums. If caught early, periodontal disease can be treated fairly easily and effectively.

The earliest form of periodontal disease is gingivitis, where bacteria irritate the gums causing irritation and inflammation. Some common symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Swollen, bright red or tender gums.
  • Gums that bleed during tooth brushing and/or flossing.
  • Receding gums.
  • Formation of deep pockets at the gum line.
Periodontal Treatment helps you feel better in Beaverton

To reduce the risk of more damage to your teeth and health you should have regular dental checkups. Professional treatment, at our office in Beaverton, is the most effective approach to fight gum disease. During your comprehensive exam we take measurements of the spaces or pockets in between your teeth and gums. X-Rays are taken looking for indications of decay, bone and tooth loss, or areas where your gums have receded. Here at Eubanks Family Dental in Beaverton we use periodontal treatments including:

  • Professional Dental Cleaning – Our first step is to perform routine professional cleaning sot remove plaque and tartar build up from above and below the gum line.
  • Scaling and Root Planing – This is a deep cleaning procedure that removes plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. Instruments are used to scrape away the rough spots on teeth removing the bacteria, leaving a smooth surface for the gums to reattach.
  • Antibiotics – Dr. Eubanks or DR. Nguyen may recommend antibiotics following a scaling and root planing procedure to eliminate any remaining bacteria to prevent infection.

If the periodontal disease is advanced and does not respond well to these non-surgical treatments dental surgery may be needed. Some surgical treatments include flap (pocket) reduction, soft tissue or bone grafts, or many other surgical procedures.

Good dental hygiene will help to prevent or lessen the symptoms of gum disease. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet and avoid sugary foods and beverages.

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