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Dental Fillings in Beaverton

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Dental Filling Services

Dental fillings are commonly used to fill the holes that are drilled into a cavity. The procedure of getting dental fillings is a common one that many patients benefit from, even outside of having a cavity. Dental fillings can also be useful to treat fractured teeth, discolored teeth, and teeth that are lacking in structure (often from aging).

Dental Fillings in Beaverton

What is a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are artificial agents used to restore functionality of teeth damaged by cavities, decay, or accidents. The types of fillings available are either considered direct restorations or indirect restorations. Direct restorations are placed directly into the problem tooth; indirect restorations are typically made in a dental laboratory and added into a tooth at a later time.

Why are Dental Fillings Beneficial?

Whether a tooth has a hole from a drilled-out cavity or one that is present for another reason, filling that hole is extremely important as food particles and bacteria can accumulate and cause decay. This decay can lead to perpetual bad breath caused by both the difficulty in effectively cleaning the teeth with holes in them and the increase in bacteria in the mouth. Also, holes can expand if they are not filled in a timely manner, creating more problems and pain down the line.

Some teeth may gradually lose their structure over time, and fillings can help prevent further degradation from occurring. This structural assistance can help to enhance the functioning of the tooth and can even assist in preventing tooth loss. 

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