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What is Teeth Grinding?

A lot of people are unaware that they grind their teeth. The medical term, bruxism, is a condition that is caused by grinding and/or clenching your teeth, which often occurs while sleeping. Some signs that grinding is occurring can include a dull headache, a sore jaw, face pain or soreness, worn tooth enamel, and cheek or tongue damage from biting. Teeth grinding can even be loud enough to be heard by a family member.

Is Grinding Your Teeth Harmful?

The short answer is yes. Frequent tooth grinding can destroy parts of your teeth causing damage or sensitivity. It can also cause muscles in your jaw and face to become sore or tight. Chronic tooth grinding may lead to other dental issues such as tooth loss, damage to existing restorations, or the need for root canals, implants, and crowns. Teeth grinding can also cause or worsen TMJ Disorder.

Custom Mouth Guards in Beaverton Oregon

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding

One approach to help with the symptoms of teeth grinding is the use of mouth guards and splints. These devices are designed to provide a buffer between teeth to help prevent tooth damage caused by grinding. Here at Eubanks Family Dental in Beaverton, we create custom mouth guards to provide the most comfortable fit and best protection for our patients.

Mouth guards are recommended or mandated for most sports. Custom sports guards are a great choice for many athletes. The better fit provides more comfort and in many cases, allows for easier verbal communication when the sports guard is in place. The sports guard can be done in different colors to not only help in providing protection, but to also allow for team colors or a personalized guard. Many sports leagues require color, and not the clear type, to make it easier in checking to make sure the athlete is compliant with the mandate of wearing a sports guard.

Tips to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Take a deep breath and relax. Avoiding activities that cause excessive stress will automatically relieve some tension. Learn to conscientiously relax your jaw. If you notice that you are clenching your jaw, position the tip of your tongue between your teeth. This action will force your muscles to relax.

Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol. These substances can interfere with a good night’s sleep, which is an essential part of stress management. A healthy diet and exercise are recommended as a part of an overall fit lifestyle.

If you have some symptoms and think you may be grinding your teeth, please contact us. We may schedule an appointment at our office in Beaverton, OR for an examination to see how we can help.

Custom Mouth Guards in Beaverton Oregon

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